Goodbye, NU107

NU107’s last hours of broadcast. Hundreds flocked the station to witness the end of an era. There were no fireworks, no fancy programme. Just a bunch of people clinging on to 23 years of great music. 23 years that shaped a generation and one station that became rock music’s refuge.

Like a proper funeral, candles were lit.

Checking out the station one last time.

There’s more than 3 decades of rock music in that archive.

Me with Quark, uber filmmaker and the son of the NU107 patriarch.

Generations were united.

It was actually a very peaceful gathering. Much like the Eraserheads’ reunion concert. Everyone had a sense of belongingness.

Emotions were inside the booth. On the left is Atom Henares, NU107’s patriarch.

My first time at NU was during Against the Flow with Jam 4 Breakfast. 11PM airing right before sign off.
I guess the end is the beginning is the end.

Waiting for history to happen. Fans and artists alike.

Jazz Nicolas’ (of the Itchyworms) face says it all.

And then the station’s last song, Ang Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads.

I guess everyone copes with “death” differently.

Everyone started singing along…

…until the very end.

The only home of rock.

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