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Ever since we completed our artwork for Salon de Ning, the newest bar of The Peninsula Manila, we’ve always wanted to shoot there. Every corner has a different theme and you’ll go nuts just looking at every detail. It’s really a gold mine of textures, colors, moods etc. Thanks to the good people at Metro Society, we were one of the first to shoot here :) And we want to come back and shoot some more :)

Of course, the location is only one aspect of this shoot. Even more interesting are the uber creative and talented people we shot. Check out the February 2011 issue of Metro Society!

George Schulze – Stage Actor

Mark Meily – award-winning film director (Crying Ladies, Baler)

Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo – stage actress (Sweenet Todd, West Side Story) / Quark Henares – film & advertising director, musician, TV host, professor (Super Noypi, Keka, Rakenrol)

Pepe Diokno – film director (Engkwentro) / Mio Infante – stage actor (Avenue Q, Rent)

Tuxqs Rotaquio – director (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah) / Ana Abad Santos – theater actress, stage director (Portrait of a Young Artist, Hamlet)

Bea Tantoco – singer / Marissa Floirendo – cinematographer (Brokedown Palace, Ligaya, Muro Ami)

Emerita Alcid-Trinidad – stage actress, makeup artist / Joel Trinidad – theater actor, director (Avenue Q, Miss Saigon, Hairspray)

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