Hilary (Maternity)

Hilary at 8 months, with special participation of Bindi the kitty :)

Just like most moms I’ve shot, I’ve known Hilary since forever. She was a batch ahead of me in ICA, and back then, she was one of  the fierce upper-class girls who ruled middle school! Had I known she would grow up to be such a nice, loving, beautiful person – I wouldn’t have been so scared of her. Heehee. :)

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still fierce. Catch her from 6-9am at Jam 88.3 FM with Scotty to know what I mean. 😉

Thanks for the great time, Hil! It was nice hanging out with you, your mom, Bindi and Basil! Can’t wait to see you again when Asher comes out! – Sherie

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