Roman + Shalani

Date: January 22, 2012// Venue: St. Benedict Church, Ayala Westgrove Gate & Evoliving Center Dockside, Nuvali

Gown: Inno Sotto// Groom’s Tuxedo: Hugo Boss// Shoes: Lila Almario (for Shalani) & Louis Vuitton (for Roman)// Hair & Make-up: Audie Bermejo// Videography: Mayad Studios// Caterer: Florabel Co-Yatco// Flowers: Zenas Pinedas// Cake: Penk Ching// Band: Da Cappo

Jorem and I have been asked several times if we’ve shot celebrity weddings. Back then, we didn’t really know if we were ready for one if we ever did. Now that we can officially say we have, we are even prouder to say that our very first one was that of Roman Romulo and Shalani Soledad. There are a lot of speculations about why famous people get married and often, talks about how hard it is to deal their personalities and the chaos of the media that surround them. However, as first-hand witnesses to this particular couple – we can honestly say that what they have is genuine and we could not be happier to be given the privilege of capturing that love through our lenses. It’s been our most challenging shooting assignment to date, but  the good experience we gained from it definitely outweighs how hard it was. Shalani was just a breath of fresh air, and is probably one of the least demanding brides we’ve ever had. The congressman was both accommodating and engaging. They were just two nice people, on cam and off cam.

We’re not sure who our next high profile couple will be, but whether that comes sooner or later – we’re just so grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to start the year with this wedding.  -Sheila :)

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